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Together Where Stronger

Together We Are Stronger
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All Members , Moderated
This group is for ANOREXIC'S living in the UK.

We are not a 'Pro-Ed' group so please don't join it if you are 'Anti-Ana' (as we talk a lot about anorexia, as we understand each other), 'Looking to lose a few pounds' or are an 'Ana wanna be' (You know who you are!!)

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-You need to live in the UK
-Be Anorexic or had Anorexia and don't want to recover
-Your LJ must be a journal about your Eating Disorder

Once you have joined, before you can become a full member you need to copy and paste the following questions to the group (with in 48 hours of joining and answers in CAPITALS)Then the Mod will ever accept or reject you.

Where in the UK are you?
How long have you been/had a e.d for?
What e.d. do you have?
Self or Diagnosed?
Why do you have a e.d?
Have you ever had treatment?
Do you have any other disorders?
At last 2 photo's of you.


-When posting a intro please put it behind an lj cut. Please make sure the post still contains at least 2 photo's of you.

-You must update at least once a week.

-All post must be friends only.

-Be understanding to other members.

-Please put pictures and long posts behind an lj-cut.

-No promoting any other community unless you email ana_four_ever@yahoo.co.uk with a request.

Any hassle, your MOD is anamialovesu
Abuse is NOT tolerated. Anti E.D.'s will be BANNED.
As will anyone breaking the rules.

Feel free to email any questions to me at: ana_four_ever@yahoo.co.uk

*DISCLAIMER* This Group, uk_anorexics will not be held responsible for your decisions to join this group. It's your life and choices are your own. This group does *NOT* promote eating disorders in any way shape or form.

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